May 14, 2014

My Perfect Evening.

My perfect evening almost always includes a shared meal with friends (unless it is a date night of course ;-)

Our meals take many forms. Sporadically one person will take the reigns and prepare the entire feast, on special occasions we may gather at a fancy restaurant, but most times it is simply a good old fashioned potluck where everyone contributes and somehow it all comes together seamlessly.

my perfect evening is a shared meal with friends.

Dining may be accompanied by a board game extracted from the depths of someone’s closet or a classic movie projected onto the garage in the summer or preceded by some sort of group hike or bike excursion… but there is always, always an incredible spread of food-Partly because we happen to have quite the crew of cooks in our little pod (including a few professional chefs in our ranks!), but mostly because we all agree that LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO TOLERATE BAD FOOD!

It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does have to be delicious… and it definitely helps if it is prepared with love (and butter!)

Here’s to nourishing gatherings and irreplaceable friends.






P.S. Engaging conversation and belly laughs guaranteed.