I love the big moments, the little moments, and the moments you might not even notice.

I see beauty in it all. In the uncontrollable-throw-your-head-back laughter, in the single tear running down your face, and in the nose crinkling smiles.



Jackson Hole Photographer Hannah Hardaway


I don't limit myself by what seems possible.
I go to yoga classes in the middle of the day.
I believe how we interact in the world is more important than what we have accomplished.
I still send handwritten notes and craft gifts by hand.
I love finding happy homes for things I no longer need.
I believe in getting outside as much as possible.
I avoid foods with ingredients that I can't pronounce.
I don't feel guilty screening my phone calls if I am busy living life in the moment.
I believe travel and sleep are two of the best investments.
I buy way too many books.
I can trick myself into dreaming big.

Jackson Hole Photographer Hannah Hardaway

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Moosecreek Ranch Wedding

I love the funny unexpected moments.

Like when your groom fumbles the rings and has to dig them out of the grass, or when your maid of honor’s toddler insists on showering her with kisses in middle of her reading... or when kids and pets act like, well, themselves!


Snake River Sporting Club Wedding

 [ And I know, when you’re having the time of your life, your photos will show it. And you won’t need to worry about them one single bit. ]


If I could give six stars, I would. Choosing Hannah as our wedding photographer was the first and best choice I made in planning our wedding. Long after the vows and the party, you really only have memories, photos, and a video, if you choose. I knew I wanted our photos to be timeless, beautiful, and capture the magic of the day. Hannah hit all of those marks and more. We received hundreds of beautiful photos that were not only aesthetically incredible, but also show the human, emotional elements of our day that are even more special. On top of all that, she is incredibly easy to work with and an absolute joy to have present on your big day. She is calm, fun, and gives excellent, efficient cues. if you are getting married or want professional photos for any other reason, I would not hesitate to reach out to Hannah. My husband and I are so grateful for her!

Looking back over the photos Hannah took of our wedding celebration still brings my family and I to tears. Her photography reveals her passion for life's unexpected moments and the natural beauty that surrounds them. We chose Hannah as our photographer because of her skill, professionalism, authenticity, creativity and adventurous and easygoing spirit. However, we felt that the thing that truly sets Hannah apart from other talented wedding photographers is who she is as a person. She is warm and inviting, helpful, generous, joyful, and just overall an amazing and inspiring person to be around. Her attentive and gracious presence at our celebration made everyone in attendance feel comfortable and calm. She was able to capture our day in a way that no one else could. We would highly recommend Hannah as a photographer. She is amazing as are her photos!

Hannah is absolutely amazing! It was a delight working with her. She truly made our day special. She is an extremely professional, talented and fun photographer. She was actively involved directing pictures of the family, but also knew when to step away to let Brad and I have a moment together. Somehow, she was even able to capture those special moments between Brad and I without us knowing she was there. My husband and I were speechless when we saw our pictures from the wedding. The natural beauty of her photos and the way she was able to capture our unedited emotions of the day was remarkable. We couldn’t be more pleased.

-Cece T.

Jackson, WY

-Emmy C.

Denver, CO

-Sarah L.

Sandwich, NH