January 17, 2014


I love this photo.  Every time I see it I think to myself, “Wow, I really love this photo.”

In fact, since it is the start of a new year and I have been doing a lot of reflecting the past few weeks as I set my sights on the year ahead, I think I am going to go out on a limb and say that it might be my favorite wedding photo that I took in 2013.


Capturing great connections in life.

And then I asked myself, “Why? What is it about this particular photo that you are so drawn to?”

Yes, Lindsay was an absolutely gorgeous bride. And yes, she had a stunning dress that she looked amazing in, but I knew it was more than that… way more than that. What I realized is that for me, it comes down to two things :

1.) I really connected with Lindsay and Alex.

It is not like it was hard to do. For starters, we have a lot of interests in common–our love of adventure, travel, and the outdoors.  But i also felt like we have similar priorities in life (valuing family, friends, and experiences) that made it feel effortless, like we were already friends when we met. That is one of the most extraordinary parts about my job. My work enables me to connect with wonderful people and be a part of one of the most exciting days of their lives.

2.) Lindsay and Alex have a great connection.

They are just one of those couples that individually are truly remarkable people–charismatic, kind, adventurous, accomplished yet humble, soft-spoken but at the same time confident, passionate about life, and grounded, very grounded. But together, wow! Together they are even more! It is like everything is amplified. I loved watching these two interact. You could just see the respect and admiration they have for one another–like they had each somehow found the most incredible partner in the world and they couldn’t believe how lucky they were.

For me, this photo captures how in love they are and that is the most beautiful thing. I am just grateful i was there to witness it :-)