October 22, 2016

Have the time of your life

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Wedding

My hope is

you have the time of your life at your wedding.

That you enjoy and savor each and every precious moment.

And I’d love to capture this for you.

I’m a documentary storyteller. For me, it’s the emotions of the day, the people who share in it, the relationships, and the little details that make your wedding unique and special. It’s the way your husband-to-be looks at you across the room when you are not paying attention and how he unconsciously rests his hand on the small of your back. It’s the special relationship you have with your mother, how proud you make your father, and the way your grandmother watches you adoringly from the front row. And it’s all the years of inside jokes and life experiences you share with your best friends. I am poised to capture both the scripted and the unscripted moments… and from there I let the magic unfold.

I love the big moments, the little moments, and the moments you might not even notice. I see beauty in it all. In the uncontrollable-throw-your-head-back laughter, in the single tear running down your face, and in the nose crinkling smiles.

I love the funny unexpected moments. Like when your groom fumbles the rings and has to dig them out of the grass, or when your maid of honor’s toddler insists on showering her with kisses in middle of her reading.

I love the sweet intimate interactions with your family and friends. The heartfelt hug that leaves you both in tears, and the few encouraging words your father whispers in your ear before he walks you down the aisle.

I love the endearing gestures you do without even thinking about them. The way you loosely intertwine your fingers into his, and the way he pushes your hair behind your ear before he leans in for a kiss.

I love the little telling details. Like your groom wringing his hands while he anxiously awaits for you to arrive, and the high heels piled on the edge of the dance floor at the end of the night.

I love the thoughtful touches you include that make your wedding uniquely you. The multi-tiered popcorn cake you created because you share a love of movies, or the grand entrance your groom makes airing into the ceremony on his mountain bike.

I love the real, the raw, the authentic… and to present it all in an elegant way. My images are carefully composed to draw you right to the beauty, there, in the moment. I capture the day from the inside out and make you feel, I hope, like I’m another trusted friend.

I care passionately about your photos. And even more than that, I care about your experience of your wedding day.  Because I know, when you’re having the time of your life, your photos will show it. And you won’t need to worry about them one single bit.

And, the best part is, when you truly have had the time of your life, your photos will take you right back to how you were feeling. You can relive the anticipation, the excitement, the joy, the gratitude, and the love you felt on that day, any day you like, for the rest of your life.

Hannah Hardaway Wedding Photographer