2024 Elopement


Can I just say, I love elopements and intimate weddings!

Smaller weddings naturally have a simplicity to them that is so, so beautiful. The intimacy makes it easy to stay focused on what is most important: you two, your love, and maybe some of your most treasured family members and friends. I love the freedom that smaller weddings innately have. Freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. No rules. No "supposed tos." Just exactly as you imagined it. And if plans need to change a bit, no problem! With a small group we can be flexible. I also enjoy the extra time that smaller weddings often allow us, to visit a number of different locations or do a fun and romantic photo excursion with just the two of you after the ceremony, since you aren't racing back to catch the end of cocktail hour.

Here are my Elopement Packages and prices for 2-8 hours of wedding day coverage. I feel strongly about delivering some sort of tangible keepsake(s) to my couples, in addition to the digital files that are always included. That is why you will see a selection of prints included in all of my packages. I believe we spend way too much time on our computers/devices these days, and I want to make sure you can enjoy your wedding photos in a beautiful box on your coffee table, or in an album you can flip through together, or on the wall above your bed. Other recommended add-ons are listed below. I am happy to chat about options, once you have a chance to look this over, as I definitely want to make sure that everything included in your package is of value to you.

It is important to me that you know, that even if you start with the best professionally edited files and make your own prints, canvases etc., you more often than not will receive products of inferior quality. Trust me, much more goes into the making of an heirloom quality product. For this reason, I encourage you to order through me the photographs you plan to have prominently displayed in your home. This way, you also benefit from additional retouching I do on any images you order as prints or other products, including all the images that go into your album. If you just want to make 4x6 prints of an image to put in with your holiday card, or something like that, by all means print those yourself using the image files provided on your USB.

Weddings of all sizes deserve great photos! Your wedding photographs will help you share your wonderful stories and the excitement of your day with those who were not able to be a part of your celebration; and most importantly, they will allow the two of you to transport back to the magic of your day, for the rest of your lives. If you will be having a dinner or gathering with your family/friends after the ceremony, I do recommend we document a little bit of this event, as well. It is a wonderful chance to get more relaxed candid/documentary photos of you interacting with your nearest and dearest, and the emotions during wedding toasts always make for great photos. And I'm pretty nostalgic about photographing the cake (or other dessert!) "cutting." It's one of the few photos many of us saw from our grandparents or other relatives' weddings from back in the day and is always a fun tradition to include. And while you're at it, why not have a romantic first dance as well? Inside? Outside? Wherever you want! These days all you need is a couple of portable speakers and an Iphone.

Have a look around, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I am happy to walk you through all of the options and help you figure out a perfect package for your day.

Thanks so much,

P.S. I love, love, love photographing elopements and intimate weddings at any time during the week and on Sundays. We have such a short summer wedding season in Jackson, that I generally reserve Saturdays for full day weddings, during June-September. If you are set on a Saturday, please feel free to check in with me closer to the date. I will be happy to document your elopement, if I am available.


All Wedding Packages Include :

Direct Download of Images

Online Gallery for Viewing and Sharing Images

Custom Wedding Recommendations and Tips

Direct Download (and a USB if you would like) of all your Images in both High and Low Resolution (web-ready).

Available for 1 year free of charge. (Option to extend hosting for a small annual fee.)

I've been a part of a lot of weddings during my 15 years of being a full-time photographer. I am happy to share any insight I might have that could help you make your day uniquely you.

Elopement Package One $7,400

* Up to 8 Hours of Wedding Coverage (can be split into up to three separate sessions on two days.)

* Custom Designed 30 Page 10x10 Album or a Keepsake Box with 4x6 Professional Proof Prints of all the special moments from your day/event. 
* Your Choice of : (1) 16x24 Fine Art Print, and (2) 8x12 Fine Art Prints, or $300 Print/Product Credit.

Elopement Package Two $5,400

* Up to 6 Hours of Wedding Coverage (can be split into two sessions on the same day.)

* Keepsake Box with 4x6 Professional Proof Prints of all the special moments from your day/event. 
* Your Choice of : (1) 16x24 Fine Art Print and (2) 8x12 Fine Art Prints, or $300 Print/Product Credit.

Elopement Package Three $3,500

* 3 Hours of Wedding Coverage (can do two or more locations.)
* Your Choice of : (1) 16x24 Fine Art Print, or (2) 8x12 Fine Art Prints, or $150 Print/Product Credit.

Elopement Package Four $3,000

* 2 Hours of Wedding Coverage (in one location.)
* Your Choice of : (1) 16x24 Fine Art Print, or (2) 8x12 Fine Art Prints, or $150 Print/Product Credit.

Handcrafted Keepsake Box

4x6 Professional Proof Prints

Handbound Heirloom Wedding Albums

Album with Image Window on Front

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Heirloom Matted Print Boxes

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Signol Mountain Lodge Wedding

Dornan's Wedding

Full Day Wedding Coverage is available with 8 to 12 hours of Coverage for couples having larger weddings with a traditional reception.

Intimate wedding coverage is available for couples having weddings with less than 40 people and without a traditional wedding reception.